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Building Rapport with Your Students . . . A MUST!


Building and maintaining rapport with students is a key strategy used by all successful teachers.  But how do successful teachers establish that “connection” with their students so easily?  Learn how in this fast paced, interactive, and fun session that is designed to teach you the key rapport building techniques and powerful building blocks needed to gain instant rapport, respect, and credibility with all of your students.


Learning Outcomes:

·       understand the science, skills, and techniques of establishing and maintaining rapport with anyone, anytime

·       develop a repertoire of activities that help to create meaningful relationships that foster an environment where students feel comfortable, safe, and willing to take risks

·       examine your teaching style, and tailor it to fit your class in ways that will facilitate student learning



Workshop Length:       1.0 – 3.0 hours

Target Audience:         All

Session Format:           Audience participation, Lecture,
                                      Small group discussion

Equipment Needed:     LCD Projector, Screen, Flip Chart,
                                      Display Table